5 Distinctive Souvenirs from Mandalika: Woven Fabrics to Jewelry

Following the successful hosting of the 2022 MotoGP and World Superbike racing events, Indonesia is gearing up to welcome the 2023 World Superbike (WSBK) championship at Mandalika Circuit, Lombok, from March 3rd to 5th, 2023.

Apart from boosting tourism, the WSBK 2023 event in Mandalika is expected to have a positive impact on the local creative economy, particularly in the sale of unique and fascinating Mandalika souvenirs.

When discussing Mandalika souvenirs, travelers will instantly be reminded of the exquisite beauty of traditionally woven Sasak fabric (crafted by the predominant Sasak ethnic group of Lombok). However, Mandalika has much more to offer in terms of remarkable keepsakes.

Woven Fabrics
Woven Fabrics

Here are some highly recommended souvenirs:

Sasak Woven Fabric

One of the must-have souvenirs when visiting Mandalika is the renowned Sasak woven fabric. Revered both locally and abroad, this fabric is made from carefully selected cotton spun into yarn. Crafted with utmost patience, it can take weeks to produce a single woven fabric. The result is a stunning array of colors and intricate designs. For those interested in learning the art of weaving, a visit to Sukarara Village, the heart of traditional fabric production, is highly recommended.

Sasak Songket Fabric

In addition to woven fabric, visitors can also consider taking home the exquisite "songket" fabric. This traditional fabric is woven with silver, gold, or yellow synthetic threads, lending it a lustrous appearance. There are at least 14 different motifs of songket fabric available for souvenir hunters. For a firsthand experience of the songket-making process, a trip to Sukarara Village is well worth it.

Pearl Jewelry

Among the popular souvenirs in Mandalika are pearl jewelry pieces, often sold on the picturesque beaches of the region. With a variety of jewelry models to choose from, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, Sekarbela District in Lombok stands out as a hub for these unique handicrafts.

Ketak Wickerwork

The talented Sasak people are not only skilled at weaving but also adept at crafting wickerworks. One such souvenir that should not be missed is the ketak wickerwork, made from the fibers of ketak, a type of fern plant abundant in Lombok. These wickerworks resemble traditional Balinese rattan bags, but with a distinctive feature of having a harder and more durable texture. Often designed as women's bags, these ketak wickerworks hold significant artistic value and can be found at the souvenir center in Mandalika.


For those seeking unique ornaments to adorn their homes, Mandalika offers a collection of distinct Lombok pottery. Decorated with motifs depicting the daily life of Sasak people, this pottery is both eye-catching and meaningful. To witness the craftsmanship behind Lombok pottery, head to the craftsman center in Banyumulek Village.

These are just a few of the typical souvenirs you can discover and acquire in Mandalika after witnessing the thrilling 2023 WSBK event. So, are you ready to embark on a souvenir hunt and take home a piece of Mandalika's rich cultural heritage?

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