Exploring the Beauty of Balangan Beach in Bali: A Paradise for Surfing and Relaxation

Balangan Beach, when you hear about Bali, it's always associated with its breathtaking beaches. Bali's beaches are known for their cleanliness and white sand, as often heard in the case of Kuta Beach. 

However, it turns out that beaches with white sand are not limited to Kuta, but can also be found in various other beaches, one of which is Balangan Beach.

Balangan Beach is a stretch of white sandy beach spanning 200 meters with a panorama of the Indian Ocean that offers a spectacular sunset view.

This sunset creates a romantic ambiance for every traveler visiting Balangan Beach. The beach also boasts large waves, making it a favorite spot for surfers, especially experienced or professional ones.

Located in the white stone hill area of Pecatu or the southern part of Bali, right on the Uluwatu peninsula, Balangan Beach has gained fame as one of the best surf spots on this island of the gods. The beach is popular among both local and international surfers.

Balangan Beach
Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach is exceptionally beautiful and suitable for relaxing on the white sand while enjoying the warm atmosphere and sea breeze. The beach has become even more renowned for its standout feature: the large waves, making it one of the top surfing destinations in Bali.

Getting to Balangan Beach is relatively easy. The main road to the beach is smooth asphalt, and there are staircases leading to the sandy shore. Unlike Tegalwangi Beach, you don't need to go through much trouble to reach the beach. No wonder it's becoming more popular day by day.

You can access Balangan Beach via Balangan Beach Road, which is only about 7 km west of Garuda Wisnu Kencana cultural park or 20 km south of the main city center of Kuta. You can also rent a motorbike or a car to reach Balangan Beach.

Balangan Beach, Bali
Balangan Beach, Bali

If you choose to stay in the southern area of Bali, such as Sanur, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Jimbaran, finding a motorbike rental is much easier. The rental price for a motorbike in Bali is around Rp 75,000 – Rp 100,000 / 24 hours without fuel, depending on the type of motorbike.

In addition to motorbikes, you can also rent a car. You can find Bali car rental services or car rental with a driver. For example, the rental price for an Avanza car without a driver ranges from Rp 225,000 – 250,000 / 24 hours.

Attractions of Balangan Beach

Sandy Beach

Balangan Beach is one of the famous white sand beaches in Bali, offering a half-kilometer stretch of beach flanked by high coral rocks. Because the beach faces northwest, the sunset view at Balangan Beach in the evening is incredibly beautiful. From the beach, you can see aircraft activities at Ngurah Rai Airport from a distance. You can also witness the activities of fishermen unloading their catches in the morning at Kedonganan Beach from the beach. In addition to the airport view, you can also enjoy the beauty of the beach as dreamed by many people, especially when standing on the cliffs of Balangan Beach.

Enchanting Cliff Area

The beach is only a few steps away from the cliffs and is also a great place for Viva to suggest climbing the hill first and enjoying the view from the right spot. You are guaranteed to get a beautiful panoramic view of the landscape. The expanse of golden white sand as the sunlight meets the vast blue ocean, and you can also see surfers having fun from a distance.

If you enjoy photography, you will be delighted to linger and enjoy the very dramatic and romantic sunset from above.

Balangan Beach
Balangan Beach, Bali

Activities You Can Do

Most tourists who vacation at Balangan Beach engage in various activities such as taking photos around the beach, swimming, surfing, and relaxing on the beach.

Many supporting facilities for tourism have been built around the beach area. Visitors can rent long chairs owned by local accommodations at the location. With these long chairs, visitors can rest peacefully while enjoying the daytime.

Thirst and hunger can be satisfied by stopping at cafes managed by the local Balinese community. The menu offered is diverse.

It is highly recommended to try the young coconut ice, which has become a favorite choice for tourists when they come to Balangan Beach to quench their thirst because young coconut ice is very popular here.

For those vacationing with children, you can engage in enjoyable activities such as swimming, playing in the sand while enjoying the beach view, especially the sunset.

However, children swimming at the beach edge should still be under the full supervision of adults. The Balangan Beach area is good for swimming but requires swimming skills, as there are no lifeguards around the beach area.

That concludes the information about Balangan Beach in Bali; hopefully, it is useful, and you can consider Balangan Beach as your main destination when visiting Bali!

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