Exploring the Beauty of Liang Beach: Hidden Paradise in Ambon

Showcasing breathtaking natural wonders, Liang Beach, also known as Hunimua Beach, stands out as one of the finest destinations on Ambon Island.

Located in the village of Liang, Salahutu District, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku Province, this beach offers mesmerizing beauty and is approximately 31 km away from the heart of Ambon City.

The Marvel of Liang Beach: Exotic Beauty of Nature

Liang Beach
Liang Beach

Adorned with glistening white sand illuminated by the sun's rays, Liang Beach invites visitors to witness its extraordinary underwater wonders.

With crystal-clear azure waters, it is recognized as one of the best beaches on Ambon Island. In fact, its natural beauty earned it the title of the most beautiful beach, surpassing the enchantment of Bunaken.

Charm of Liang Beach Tourism: Preserved Natural Beauty

Liang Beach, originally named Hunimua, has been acknowledged as one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia by the UNDP of the United Nations.

With a coastline stretching for 1 kilometer in the village of Liang, Hunimua Beach remains pristine and serene.

The well-maintained cleanliness of the beach, free from litter or waste, adds to its allure. Despite this, the beauty of Liang Beach is still relatively untouched by visitors, providing a vacation atmosphere on a private island.

Tranquil Atmosphere and Captivating Recreation

Liang Beach in Ambon is not just a tourist destination but also a place to unwind and escape the daily grind.

The peaceful atmosphere, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, allows visitors to relax. The captivating natural panorama, from the pristine white beach to the clear sea, enriches the holiday experience.

Exciting Activities at Liang Beach

Snorkeling and Diving: Exploring the Underwater Beauty

Do not miss the opportunity to snorkel and dive at Liang Beach. The allure of its underwater scenery makes it a prime diving spot in Ambon.

A variety of marine life with stunning and colorful appearances can be encountered during dives, including underwater caves at depths of around 15 meters.

Banana Boat Ride: Adventure Sensation on the Sea

Apart from snorkeling and diving, Liang Beach offers various water sports activities, including banana boat rides. Affordable rentals make it possible for visitors to cruise around the sea, providing a fun-filled adventure.

Capture Stunning Photos: Preserving Beautiful Memories

For modern-day visitors, no trip is complete without capturing stunning photos at the tourist site. Liang Beach provides numerous Instagram-worthy spots, with a 200-meter-long wooden dock jutting out into the sea being a favorite among tourists.

Cliff Jumping: Thrilling Challenge on the Wooden Dock

For those seeking a challenge, try cliff jumping at Liang Beach. This activity is often done on the wooden dock, a popular photo spot as well. While it offers excitement, always prioritize safety when attempting cliff jumps here.

Top-notch Facilities at Liang Beach

Facilities at Liang Beach
Facilities at Liang Beach

Today, Liang Beach has become a flagship tourist destination in Ambon. The facilities available on the beach are quite good, catering to all the needs of visitors during their stay.

With all its attractions, Liang Beach deserves to be your next vacation destination, offering the beauty of nature and a series of unforgettable and thrilling activities.

So, prepare yourself to explore the exoticism of Liang Beach and create beautiful memories in the hidden paradise of Ambon Island!

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