150 Famous Beach Destinations in Indonesia

Indonesia is a tropical paradise renowned for its stunning beaches, each offering a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness.

With its archipelagic splendor, the country boasts an extensive list of picturesque coastal destinations.

In this blog, we'll take you on a virtual journey to discover 150 famous beach destinations in Indonesia that showcase the nation's diverse and breathtaking coastal landscapes.

1-50: More Gems Across the Archipelago

Beach Destination

1. Kuta Beach, Bali

2. Sanur Beach, Bali

3. Seminyak Beach, Bali

4. Nusa Dua Beach, Bali

5. Jimbaran Beach, Bali

6. Lovina Beach, Bali

7. Pandawa Beach, Bali

8. Dreamland Beach, Bali

9. Padang Padang Beach, Bali

10. Balangan Beach, Bali

11. Uluwatu Beach, Bali

12. Tanjung Benoa Beach, Bali

13. Geger Beach, Bali

14. Tanjung Aan Beach, Lombok

15. Senggigi Beach, Lombok

16. Pink Beach, Lombok

17. Mawun Beach, Lombok

18. Selong Belanak Beach, Lombok

19. Tanjung Bira Beach, Sulawesi

20. Ora Beach, Maluku

21. Natsepa Beach, Maluku

22. Pede Beach, Labuan Bajo

23. Liang Beach, Maluku

24. Malalayang Beach, Manado

25. Opi Beach, Ternate

26. Tidore Beach, Ternate

27. Nirwana Beach, Karimunjawa

28. Tanjung Lesung Beach, Banten

29. Sawarna Beach, Banten

30. Anyer Beach, Banten

31. Pelabuhan Ratu Beach, West Java

32. Pangandaran Beach, West Java

33. Cimaja Beach, West Java

34. Batu Karas Beach, West Java

35. Batu Hiu Beach, West Java

36. Cikalong Beach, West Java

37. Teluk Kiluan Beach, Lampung

38. Mutun Beach, Lampung

39. Krakal Beach, Yogyakarta

40. Parangtritis Beach, Yogyakarta

41. Baron Beach, Yogyakarta

42. Drini Beach, Yogyakarta

43. Sundak Beach, Yogyakarta

44. Indrayanti Beach, Yogyakarta

45. Sadranan Beach, Yogyakarta

46. Ngobaran Beach, Yogyakarta

47. Gesing Beach, Yogyakarta

48. Krakatau Beach, Lampung

49. Klayar Beach, Pacitan

50. Teleng Ria Beach, Pacitan

Explore the Diversity: 51-100

51. Buyutan Beach, Pacitan

52. Soge Beach, Pacitan

53. Watu Karung Beach, Pacitan

54. Goa Cina Beach, Pacitan

55. Teleng Ria Beach, Pacitan

56. Parai Tenggiri Beach, Bangka Belitung

57. Tanjung Kelayang Beach, Belitung

58. Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Belitung

59. Laskar Pelangi Beach, Belitung

60. Bintan Beach, Bintan

61. Trikora Beach, Bintan

62. Lagoi Beach, Bintan

63. Kukup Beach, Bintan

64. Nirwana Gardens Beach, Bintan

65. Bangka Bot Beach, Bangka

66. Air Manis Beach, Padang

67. Padang Beach, West Sumatra

68. Air Manis Beach, Padang

69. Carocok Beach, Painan

70. Parai Beach, Padang

71. Tiku Beach, Padang

72. Pagang Island Beach, Padang

73. Ujung Genteng Beach, Sukabumi

74. Pelabuhan Ratu Beach, Sukabumi

75. Siung Beach, Gunung Kidul

76. Jogan Beach, Gunung Kidul

77. Ngobaran Beach, Gunung Kidul

78. Gesing Beach, Gunung Kidul

79. Pok Tunggal Beach, Gunung Kidul

80. Sadranan Beach, Gunung Kidul

81. Drini Beach, Gunung Kidul

82. Ngetun Beach, Gunung Kidul

83. Baron Beach, Gunung Kidul

84. Watu Lawang Beach, Malang

85. Teluk Asmara Beach, Malang

86. Goa Cina Beach, Malang

87. Ngliyep Beach, Malang

88. Sendang Biru Beach, Malang

89. Balekambang Beach, Malang

90. Pulau Merah Beach, Banyuwangi

91. Plengkung Beach, Banyuwangi

92. Baluran Beach, Banyuwangi

93. Watu Dodol Beach, Banyuwangi

94. Red Island Beach, Banyuwangi

95. Teluk Hijau Beach, Banyuwangi

96. Wedi Ireng Beach, Banyuwangi

97. Boom Beach, Banyuwangi

98. Sawarna Beach, Banten

99. Tanjung Lesung Beach, Banten

100. Cipatujah Beach, Garut

Explore the Hidden Paradises: 101-150

101. Karapyak Beach, Garut

102. Santolo Beach, Garut

103. Karang Hawu Beach, Pelabuhan Ratu

104. Muara Cipanarikan Beach, Ujung Genteng

105. Palabuhanratu Beach, Sukabumi

106. Pasir Putih Beach, Situbondo

107. Maluk Beach, Sumbawa

108. Mawi Beach, Sumbawa

109. Tanjung Aan Beach, Lombok

110. Seger Beach, Lombok

111. Serenting Beach, Lombok

112. Sengigi Beach, Lombok

113. Mawun Beach, Lombok

114. Mawi Beach, Lombok

115. Tampah Beach, Lombok

116. Selong Belanak Beach, Lombok

117. Pandanan Beach, Lombok

118. Mekaki Beach, Lombok

119. Nambung Beach, Lombok

120. Ekas Beach, Lombok

121. Blongas Beach, Lombok

122. Pelabuhan Tua Beach, East Nusa Tenggara

123. Pede Beach, North Maluku

124. Liang Beach, North Maluku

125. Ora Beach, Central Maluku

126. Bira Beach, South Sulawesi

127. Tanjung Bira Beach, South Sulawesi

128. Batu Lemo Beach, Tana Toraja

129. Malang Beach, East Java

130. Bangkalan Beach, Madura

131. Tanjung Pasir Beach, Pulau Seribu

132. Pulau Tidung Beach, Pulau Seribu

133. Pulau Pari Beach, Pulau Seribu

134. Pulau Macan Beach, Pulau Seribu

135. Pulau Pramuka Beach, Pulau Seribu

136. Pulau Kotok Beach, Pulau Seribu

137. Pulau Kelor Beach, Pulau Seribu

138. Pulau Onrust Beach, Pulau Seribu

139. Pulau Cipir Beach, Pulau Seribu

140. Pulau Pantara Beach, Pulau Seribu

141. Pulau Sepa Beach, Pulau Seribu

142. Pulau Putri Beach, Pulau Seribu

143. Pulau Ayer Beach, Pulau Seribu

144. Pulau Bidadari Beach, Pulau Seribu

145. Pulau Tengah Beach, Pulau Seribu

146. Pulau Kotok Besar Beach, Pulau Seribu

147. Pulau Semak Daun Beach, Pulau Seribu

148. Pulau Pari Besar Beach, Pulau Seribu

149. Pulau Macan Kecil Beach, Pulau Seribu

150. Pulau Bira Besar Beach, Pulau Seribu

Embark on an unforgettable journey to these magnificent beaches, where the sun, sand, and sea converge to create an unparalleled tropical experience. Indonesia's coastal wonders await your exploration!

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